Monday, February 22, 2010

Big News!!

My husband and I are expecting our first baby!!

Sorry the pic is so blurry...but the heart beat is on the bottom! Oh what a beautiful site and sound that was!

We are soooo thrilled! As you may know, we are also building a new house which should be ready in about 3 WEEKS!!! (More pics coming this week!) We originally were not going to start trying for a baby until we were moved into and settled in out new house. BUT......I am impatient and being the planner that I am, thought we should go ahead and see what happens...I mean no one gets pregnant the first month right? WRONG! To my surprise (and excitement) we got pregnant right away! I was so thankful and feel so blessed to know everything works! :)

Sooo...since we had not had the trim put up in our house yet, we told the trim guys to go ahead and add board and batten in the nursery! If only I know the sex, then we could go ahead and paint too. Oh well Painting ourselves will be more fun! Stay tuned for updates as we finish this house and I grow a baby!! :)

*How far along?: 7 weeks 3 days

*Total weight gain?: 3 lbs
*How big is baby?: less than 1 ounce

*Sex: No clue

*Maternity clothes: Nope, but pants are snug and already had to buy a new bra! :(

*Stretch marks: Nope!

*Sleep: Good in between the 3 am starvation!

*Best moment this week: Hearing and seeing the heart beat!

*Movement: Nada

*Food cravings: Apple sauce

*Labor signs: N/A

*Belly button in or out: Still in...and its VERY in so Im interested to see what happens!

*What I miss: Nothing yet, too excited about being pregnant!

*What I'm looking forward to: Finding out the sex..only 10 more weeks, haha!