Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bye Bye Baby......

......Hello Little Boy!

I have realized in the last few weeks, that my little baby boy is no longer a baby. He is, in fact, a little BOY!  He runs, jumps, climbs, brushes his own teeth, tells me when he is hungry, stinky, or wants to go outside. He is so independent! For the first time I did not carry him into school last week- he walked in all by himelf. I love that- but it also makes me sad.

We recently had to buy Brett all new shoes because he out grew them all while we were on vacation. He now wears a 7- 7 1/2. I was in denial about this. Those shoes look soo big and surely wouldn't fit him, but alas, they did! I see those shoes laying in the house and they are a reminder that he is now a little boy.

This week Brett turned 21 months old...as in he will be 2 in 3 short months! I think the 2nd year has gone by way faster than the 1st. Please slow down!


Weighs 30 lbs!
Height..not sure 34 -35??
Shoes: 7
Tops 2 -3T
Bottoms- 2T
Diapers: Still 5
Sleep: 8:30- 7 at night (sometimes later!) and 1-12 to 2 hrs at nap time.
New Words: Outside, itchy, sky, ice pop, slide, just to name a few.

Brett is very independent and will shake his finger and yell "na na" if you are trying to do somethig to him! He will also tell you to bop! (stop!)

He now runs from me when its time for a diaper change and tries to hide behind the couch!

Here are some pics from our life lately!