Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Half Birthday!!

Wow! Half of a year has gone by since this:

The past 6 months have been THE BEST six months of my life...not to mention the fastest, most sleep deprived, least beautiful haha! But the absolute BEST!

Brett is growing so fast and developing so many new things every day! He is so smart and so strong! Here are some things he has been up to:

*He weighs 19 lbs 7 oz (81%)

* He is 27 1/4 in long (77%) woo hoo!

* His head is BIG 95% haha! Getting shirts over his head can be hard ;)

*He can roll front to back and back to front like its his job

*He can sit up alone and then dives onto his tummy or all 4's

*He has 5, yes 5, teeth coming in...and he already had 2 on the bottom!

*He is about 5 minutes away from full on crawling. He can rock on his hands and knees and push himself backwards....kinda like a reverse army crawl.

* I am still nursing and he eats cereal with fruit or veggies 1-2 times a day. He really is not that interested in food...he is always too busy looking at stuff or tring to grab the bowl or spoon.
*He loves grab anything and everything you have

*He loves to bang on everything

* He hasnt said any syllable yet but "roars" and sings all the time

*He loves to be outside and scoot in his walker

*He wear mostly 9 month clothes, size 3 shoes and sice 3 diapers

*Sleep...oh sleep...he is getting better...he slept 9-4:20 last night and then until 8:15. The Dr said it is time to put a stop to waking up at 2 am to eat. So I prayed REALLY hard that he would do this on his own, since Im a softee and dont want to let him cry....AND HE DID IT!!

Here are his 6 month photos!
He had crazy hair this day!

Busy Busy Busy





Here is what we have been up to!

Helping Mommy plant flowers!

Eating biscuits (Baby Mum Mums)

Sharing food!

Loving his sister!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Baby Randoms

Brett is almost 6 months old...tear :(  He is really getting to be a hand-ful  arm-ful! He is so heavy and CANNOT SIT STILL! The kid is crazy...always arching his back, kicking, diving onto his stomach from sitting and banging on everything. He is sooooo busy he cant even stop to eat.

Im wondering if he is tired of nursing because he is so ADD it is a struggle to keep him latched on, and then to get him back on after he pulls off to look at (fill in the blank with anything that moves, makes a sound or sparkles) its another battle. Im not really ready to quit nursing, but this is getting frusturating.
He really isnt that much better with a bottle he was more interested in playing with the bottle in his hands than sucking it. He was having a gay ol time squeezing the nipple and talking to it.
I read that after a growth spurt, babies eat less than they did during the growth spurt, and last week he was waking up a ton so maybe thats what is going on. Brett still nurses great at his 4am feeding (yes he still wakes up once to eat) but thats the only time. I think he is just becoming more aware of the world and is afraid to miss anything!

Speaking of not missing anything...he only naps 30 minutes at a time! He takes 4, 30 minute naps a day and if Im lucky, one will last 45 minutes! I read that "gifted" babies sleep less than other babies, so mine must be Albert freakin Einstein!

Speaking of sleeping....if we bring our baby into our bed every morning around 6 am and he sleeps with us until 7:30....does that make me a co-sleeper? Not that I care because that is the best part of my day! Brett will wake up around 6 and I will bring him into our bed and he goes right back to sleep and is such a good snuggler! He always wakes up talking with a huge smile. I dont think its a bad habit because he always goes to bed in his crib and sleeps there all night. One night, during a storm, he slept with us almost all night, but that was hard because I think I slept with one eye open all night...didnt want to smother him with my pillow!

Well thats all the random things I have for now! :)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Its the little things.....

My friend Taylor said in her blog last week that "the world is so amazing when you are showing it to someone for the first time". I kept thinking about this when Brett was sitting in the tub tonight....he was mesmerized by the water pouring from the faucet and he was so cute reaching for it and trying to grab the water as it slipped through his fingers! I think he could have spent hours in the tub....

Here are some other pics of what we have been up to

 Brett loves to play in the laundry basket with his toys!

Me trying to be creative with my point and shoot camera :)

Looking for his cousin around the corner!