Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Life Update and a little Santa Sneak Peak!

I cant believe its almost Christmas!! I am extra excited this year since we have a toddler pulling all the ornaments off of the tree running around!

I thought I would give a quick update on what has been going an around our house lately:

Brett was home sick for a whole week last week with pink eye, an ear infection AND RSV/Bronchialitis. :(  He had been waking up between 4 and 5 for a week prior and NOW I know it was because he had an ear infection....I felt like a terrible mom but he never ran a fever so I thought he was just waking early for no reason..but thankfully we have had a week of meds and he is sleeping until 6ish again (Not as good as 7 but waaayyyyy  better than 4!)
 Having a toddler  home all week was pretty tiresome....especially because he was sick and fussy. I am SOOO thankful I work from home and was able to keep him here with me.

Speaking of working from home...you would think that since I AM home I would have been done with my shopping before Dec 1 right? Well not so much! I did get a lot done and only saved a special few to wait until this week to buy for! :)
Josh and I got Brett's gifts done pretty quickly- probably because we are super excited! Here is a little sneak peak of what Santa is bringing Brett this year (I know we went overboard but we cant help it! )
The Little Tykes Picnic N Playhouse
This is going in our playroom- Brett has tons of outdoor toys but needs more inside stuff and since he loves to climb in, on, around, behind, inside, and on top of EVERYTHING, this is very appropriate!

Rock Star Mickey

Our son loves Mickey Mouse - aka "Gicky" so Im sure this weill be a huge hit!

A Train Table

 Another inside toy to keep my cray boy busy on cold and wet days! I cant wait to play with him! :)

Santa also is bringing some books, puzzles and some shape toys and things to bang on. I know its alot for a kid who has no idea whst is going on, but Josh and I are big kids ourselves and cant wait to see how he will love playing with his new stuff! 
Merry Christmas!