Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Hello Paradise!

Josh and I had not taken a vacation alone in almost 3 years! I know there are probably many people who think thats not that long but I was ready to have some relaxation time. :) 

This wasn't the first time we had left Brett (We had left him for a night here and there a few times) but this was the longest for sure- 3 nights and 4 days! Fortunately I think he is a lot easier for the Grandparents to handle now that he is a full fledged toddler. GULP!  He eats regular food, goes to sleep like a champ and as long as he is outside, this kid is a breeze. So, knowing this, we boarded our flight and headed to Islamorada, Florida Keys and a little place called the Cheeca Lodge and Spa.

I found an AMAZING deal for this swanky spot on If you have never visited this site I highly reccomend doing so. It is kind of like ebay for vacations, you can bid on great vacation packages all over the world or you can choose to  "buy it now" if you are in a hurry. We saved a lot of money doing this instead of booking thru the hotel site.

Needless to say, the Cheeca lodge met and exceeded our expectations! We were greeted with free champagne in complimentary take home glasses, and our room had a fruit bowl and bottle of wine. I felt like we were on a 2nd honeymoon!

Its nice to know that a place so tropical is only a short flight away! Seriously its a 1 1/2 hr flight and we rented a car and drove about an hour and 20 minutes from Miami to Islamorada.

Room View- thru the screen porch

We ate lots of great fish and sipped on many high caolorie frozen drinks....and of course Corona!

Thanks again to my parents and Josh's parents for watching are baby boy. I know he had fun! It was so nice to get away and stay seated for more than 5 minutes! :)