Friday, December 28, 2012

Week 17

17 weeks.....the weeks are flying by and I am not doing a good job keeping up with these updates!

*How far along?: 17 weeks 5 days

*How big is baby?: The size of a turnip- 5 inches from head to rump
*Weight Gain: up 12 lbs- I had gained at least 15 with Brett at  this point so Im doing good! My size has evened out a little the last 2 weeks and I dont feel as huge as I did.
*Sex: Baby boy! He almost didn't show us the goods for a second time but FINALLY gave us a good shot after 10 minutes!

*Maternity clothes:Some shirts and all jeans. Still normal pjs and yoga pants.
*Stretch marks: The few around my belly button from Brett are more noticeable, but hoping not to add to them!
*Sleep:Pretty good- I was so tired after Christmas I didn't event wake up to go to the bathroom 2 nights in a row!

*Symptoms: Finally not nauseated anymore and I have my energy back during the day! My Sciatic nerve has really been bothering me, but I have been on my feet a lot with Christmas and stuff. I am starting to feel it when I do too much- which is easy to do with a 2 year old to play with :)

*Movement: Yup! It's still faint but I love it- feeling more kicks and less flutters.

*Food cravings: Still nothing really- my appetite has been very normal with this pregnancy where as with Brett I was starving all the time!
*Labor signs: Nope
*Belly button in or out: In but top is already flat.
*What I miss: Nothing right now.

*What I'm looking forward to: My 20 week ultrasound- I cant wait to see his sweet face!

*Best moment of the week: Christmas! It was so fun this  year with Brett! He is at the best age and really had  blast opening all his presents!