Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Birthday Party!!

Brett's First Birthday was 2 weeks ago and it was a HUGE success! I seriously think Christmas might be disappointing after such a great party. 

Brett LOVES Mickey mouse so of course that had the be the theme. I set up the cake table the night before and when he saw it he got very excited and kept pointing at it, screaming "diti, diti!" (that's how he says Mickey.)

I am not the most crafty person, so I didn't even tempt myself with home-made pom-poms, or fancy cupcakes...I did attempt to make mickey mouse cookies with a cut out and even those were a disaster so I'm glad I left the baking to the wonderful bakery down the street :).
I had envisioned a smash cake for Brett with Mickey on it, but unfortunately my Bakery doesn't have Disney rights, so my request was UN-fulfilled, but we made do! I had the bakery do Mickey cupcakes...well kinda....I had to bring the cupcake wrappers that had Mickey on them, and the mickey shaped sprinkles but it worked out.

Here are the pics from Brett's big day!

 Face painted like Mickey!!

 Mickey made a surprise visit!!
 Brett was in HEAVEN!

Crying when everyone left
 Exhausted after a great party!

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

We are still here!

Wow, things have been crazy around here- ever since my baby has mastered walking (yes I said mastered) We do not sit down much around here. 

I FINALLY got around to taking his 11 month pics and realized I better post them ASAP since he first birthday is less than 2 weeks away  SSCCRREEEECCCHHHHH!!  (Thats every thing in my world coming to a screeching halt because I cant believe it has been ONE  WHOLE YEAR!! Ok Ill save that post for later!

SO, I am in the middle of planning a party, constantly picking up leggos and other random household items that are scattered through out the house, working and trying to find time for myself (these days are scarily similar to those of the newborn days- i.e. not showering for a day or 2 ). It also hasnt helped the for the last 2 weeks Brett decided 5am was the perfect time to wake up- no matter what time he went to bed :(

ANYWAYS- Brett has started sleeping til 6:30 (might as well be noon!) and we are all happy and healthy (rare).

Here are the 11 month (and 2 weeks) pics!
 We started the session in his the chair.........yes I have a blanket hanging on the window to keep the sun out :)

 But someone saw this as a jungle gym!

 So we finished in front of the chair.

Handsome boy!! His hair really isn't that red! He is still blonde but pictures make it look red!

I will post all of his party details soon! Thank goodness for Etsy so busy/non-artsy moms like me can benefit from others that are WAAAYYY more crafty than I could ever dream of! :)