Sunday, August 28, 2011

Double Digits!

My little baby is 10 months old! How did this happen!? Didn't I just have him?? I'm starting to understand what everyone means when they say "kids grow up so fast!". I'm trying my best to enjoy and savor every little moment, and I think I am doing a good job, (if you could see the zillions of pictures I take of him you would know) but it doesn't make the days go by any slower. :(

Brett is just the BEST baby and is really getting so big - I even find myself calling him my "little boy" and not "my baby" like I used to! 
Here are some stats for my  big baby boy!
*Wears 12-18 month tops, 9-12 month bottoms, size  4 shoes and diapers
*He weighs 22 lbs and I think is around 30 in tall
*He has 8 teeth and is cutting 2 bottom molars
*He has started walking more frequently and sometimes just walks off after something...Im still getting used to this.
*He sleeps from 7:30-6:30 and then gets his morning bottle in bed with us. This is my favorite time! He climbs all over us and is in the BEST mood :)
*He can climb stairs now- time to get a baby gate!
*Usually eats french toast or pancakes for breakfast with fruit, anything from chicken nuggets to tacos for lunch, and I love the Gerber toddler meals for dinner.
*He drinks 4 -6oz bottles of formula a day. He drinks juice and water from a sippy cup, but Im not really in a hurry to get rid of the bottle.
*He can say dada, mama, gigi (doggie), kiki (kitty), baba )byebye, he points at everything and says "da".
* He LOOOVVEES Mickey Mouse and gets super excited when he sees him. SO, we are planning a Mickey Mouse Birthday - more on that later

Here are his pics!

Busy Boy!

Me and my baby 

Love him!