Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Life Lately.....

...Has been BUSY! Nothing really special but time is flying and I can't slow it down! My sweet baby is now 20 months old!! I actually feel weird telling people he is 20 months instead of saying "he is almost 2". I guess thats a mamma's way of keeping him a baby as long as possible!

Here are his stats:

Weighs 29.5 lbs and is around 34 in tall.
He wears 2-3T tops and 18 month or 2t bottoms depending on brand.
Shoe size is a 6- soon to be a 7 I think!
Diapers size 5.
He eats GREAT and loves green beans more than anything.
He sleeps from 8:30-6:30ish or later and naps once a day for 1.5- 2 hrs.
New words: Chapstick, Oh wow, stinky, cup, top, box, sock, giraffe (gaf), tweet tweet, quack quack, water (wa-wa) and others im sure Im forgetting.

Brett is 1 million % boy and we love him so much! He is talking more and more every day and loves to run everywhere, even if it is only 2 feet away. :) I dont think a day goes by without a new bump or bruise but he is tough and doesnt let that stop him!
Here are some pictures of what we have been up to lately:

A quick trip to Charleston so I could sing in the Spoleto Festival with my choir

Mornings spent watching Mickey

Bretts first Braves game!

Always playing outside! :)