Thursday, March 15, 2012

Spring (Cleaning)Fever!!

So I am totally a warm weather gal. I live for summer time, shorts, tanning, and the lake/beach!  I'm extra excited about this spring/summer since it will be the first in 2 years that I won't be pregnant or nursing.  I will be free to sport cute shorts and sun dresses, and my boobs will actually fit into normal sized swim wear haha! Seriously.

BUT- before summer comes there is Spring and this momma has been bitten by a serious organizing bug! Maybe I can blame it on Pinterest- or maybe its the fact that I am constantly triping over bikes, trikes and balls in the garage. Maybe its the fact that I can't step more than one foot in my closet due to all of the shoes on the floor! Not to mention my husband has far too many hats stacked on top of the hall tree in our mudroom. So here is my list of To Do's (complete with inspirational pics) for Spring Cleaning 2012.

1. Organize the garage. I actually already started this and I thought the husband would love it! But, he wasn't too thrilled that I was messing with his "space".  I added some bins to the messy shelf and I think its an improvement! He said he would take care of the other stuff out there :)
(Its a start!)

2. Organize the mudroom. We have a great hall tree in our mudroom but instead of looking like this:
Our mudroom looks like this: :(

I just need to hang all of the jackets up in the closet that is in there....but that needs some help too.

I think with a few baskets on top it can look like this!
3. My Closet. This one is a doozie. My closet is a good size ( 5 x 6 I think) But the shape is a weird L and my closet system makes it hard to see the other side of the closet. I do have 2 shoe shelves, but I still have shoes all on the floor because the shelves are too hard to see. Ok, so Im a little lazy, but Im going to try to do better. Here is the mess as it stands today:
See what I mean about not seeing anything?  Something like this would be nice:

Ha! A girl can dream right?

Im going to work on this one- starting by giving some stuff away. Being a work from home mom, I dont wear much more than jeans or yoga pants :)

Anyone else doing Spring Cleaing??