Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Birth Story!

WARNING- This is long and might be TMI at times, but it is a birth story :).

OK, So early Friday morning,  OCT 15, I woke up with contractions at 1:30am. They were 10 minutes apart and lasted for 2 hours! I was excited because I thought this was it, but unfortunately it stopped.  I was 41 weeks and SOOO ready to have this baby. I had my Dr appointment scheduled for 10:20 that morning. The entire pregnancy I said I did not want to be induced, but I had reached my breaking point after trying EVERYTHING to go into labor with no success. SO, I had this whole speech planned to give the Dr to let me be induced that day.....well I wouldn't need that speech. :)
As soon as I checked in at the Dr, the receptionist said "Oh, you are 41 weeks!? I hope you brought your bag, cause you're headed to the hospital" Well, I was thrilled to hear her say this, but I had not brought my bag! I was thinking if we were going to go to the hospital we would go home and then go check in a little later. Well when I saw the Dr, she said my BP was a little high and I had a small amount of protein my urine so it was time to be induced. Surprisingly I had a few contractions in the Dr's office but didn't think too much of them. So we headed to the hospital.
We checked into the hospital at 11:30am, and my contractions started getting a little stronger, still about 10 minutes apart. The admissions desk asked if I was checking in for an induction and I said yes, but I was having contractions. I waited for almost 45 minutes since there were other women in active labor that needed a room sooner than me, but I was starting to get more uncomfortable. I finally got my room and by the time they hooked me up to the monitor I was contracting every 3-5 minutes on my own! They started the pitocin on a very low level since I was doing fine on my own!
At 2:30pm the midwife came in and broke my water. I was at 4 cm and the contractions were getting a little more intense. I think I must have a higher pain tolerance than I thought because the contractions were painful but not as bad as I thought they would be. I think thats because you get a break and they are really only bad at the peak. Because my BP had been high that day, the nurses suggested I call for my epidural sooner than later. Apparently pain makes your BP higher and mine was high enough. I called for the epidural at 4:30....knowing that the pain was getting pretty uncomfortable and was sshh-ing people each time I had one. I didnt want anyone talking while I was hurting haha! 
The epidural wasnt too bad. It felt like a bad back spasm for a second. He had to adjust it at first because when he put it in, my right leg jumped! Apparently that means it was too far over but he got it centered and it was fine. It actually took a little longer to kick in that I hoped and we were worried he would have to try it again but thankfully it started working soon after that! 
By 7:30 I was 6 cm and 90% effaced. Baby was at 0 station and needed to drop a little more.  My contractions were a little irregular so they upped the pitocin to even them out. They also decided to flip me on my side and put one leg in a stirrup to try to get the baby to drop more. 

At 10:15 I was 8 cm but still 0 station. I was starting to get nervous about a c-section at this point. I was also running a fever of 101 so they were monitoring that as well as my BP which was still a little high. The nurses decided to sit me up vertical in the bed like I was sitting in a chair to help the baby move down. I sat like Buddah for 30 minutes and then started feeling the contractions in my back really bad so they turned up the epidural. This is when labor got harder. I got sick to my stomach while sitting up and threw up a few times. Thank goodness I had not eaten anything all day, but throwing up nothing is not fun either. 

At midnight I had made it to 10 cm and the baby had dropped to +1!! Gravity did its job and we were ready to push! I started pushing at 12:16am on 10/16. After 1 hour of pushing, I was almost passing out between pushes I was soo tired! I also got sick again :(. But after that I was better. My Dr. said the baby's head was nice and round and it needed to get more cone shaped so it could fit under the pubic bone. I was determined to make him fit and was pushing so hard it made my bladder bleed! Sounds scary but Dr said it was fine. 

Joshua "Brett" Bonner, II was born at 2:02 am on October 16, 2010! He was 8lbs 1 oz and 20 3/4 in long! I did not know this before, but the Dr. said he was going to give it 2 hours before we talked about "other options". Well, I pushed him out in 1 hour and 47 minutes! Just in time! My husband was amazing through the whole labor and was a great coach! He was also an awesome nurse the next few days while I recovered. He did everything I asked and never once complained. I love him so much..even more now than before. :) Unfortunately Brett had to be admitted to the Nicu for an infection the day after birth, but I will post about that later. He is perfectly healthy now and we are headed home tonight!! :)
 My handsome boys!!!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Patience is a virtue......

...and I DONT have it! :( I think this is a big lesson for me. Those who know me, know that I am one of the world's most impatient people! I always snoop for birthday and Christmas presents, (sorry!) Im very hard to surprise and I am one of those crazy women who paid $90 to find out the sex of my baby 4 weeks early! So, the fact that I have had to wait 6 days past my due date is making me crazy!
I really believe that God is in control and he knows what he is doing as far as how long this baby has to "cook", but seriously? This is getting ridiculous! I have said from the beginning I do not want to be induced unless there is a medical reason....well I would prefer to give birth to a newborn and not a 4 month old so I'm thinking inducing might be our only option at this point haha! I go to the Dr. tomorrow morning so we will see what they say.
The thing that is most frustrating is that my body has been doing what it is supposed to...I made it 3 cm and 70% effaced over a week ago and still no labor!I have had cramps and contractions, sharp shooting pains in not so fun areas, and it all has lead to NOTHING! At this point I can only pray that something happens on it own tonight so I can avoid the dreaded induction. Call me silly, but I really want to know what its like to shoot up out of the bed and say to my husband "I think this is it!" Josh has had the video camera next to the bed for 3 weeks now hoping to capture this moment on camera. I know having a healthy baby  is the ultimate goal, but I just thought it would happen differently...and maybe it still will. :) In case something happens tonight here is my 41 week update!

 This is what I wear everyday :) Its all that fits....

I NEVER thought I would have
an outie haha! 
The bare belly...he looks like he is going to fall out!

*How far along?: 40 weeks 6 days

*How big is baby?: Im thinking 8-8.5 lbs

*Weight Gain: 43 lbs total...still holding steady

*Sex: Sweet Baby Boy!

*Maternity clothes: Packed up all the summer stuff last weekend and now live in sweats and Josh's T shirts....and not all of those fit! :)

*Stretch marks: Still have a few under my belly near my appendix scar...already started the mederma lotion :)

*Sleep: Still pretty good...waking up 3-4 times a night to pee but always go back to sleep

*Symptoms:My skin hurts! I think he is going to bust through my belly button!

*Movement: Yes but its a lot slower.

*Food cravings: Nothing this week...actually not much of an appetite.

*Labor signs: 3cm and 70% effaced last week....we go back tomorrow to see whats going on....

*Belly button in or out: Out...and it looks wrong.

*What I miss: Being able to sit up, taking a deep breath, walking normal, sleeping on my back, sleeping through the nite, not peeing every 5 minutes, my ankles! I think you get the idea ;)

*What I'm looking forward to: Having a baby.....sometime before Halloween :)

*Best moment of the week: No more work until January!

Friday, October 8, 2010

40 Weeks...I made it!

Well, I really never thought I would make it to my due date! Not that I didnt want to, but everyone has made me believe that I would go early from the very beginning. Umm yeah- thanks for all that.....:/ But its ok! I know that our baby is that much healthier because he is FULLY cooked. :) 
Now that I have reached the day that has been marked in my calendar since January, Im soo anxious! I am now hoping for a birthday of 10-10-10....I said that all along not realzing how much I did NOT want to be late, but if he is going to make we wait, I hope he comes on the 1oth. I always said he would be a perfect score baby if he was born 10-10-10! (I'm sure he will perfect anyways)
Im going to TRY to relax this weekend and make some kind of plans so I am not sitting around the house waiting for something to happen.....I cant stand thinking about it!
I have been praying for patience ALL week and while I do feel a little better about not having him yet, I still cant stop thinking about it...but is that even possible????

Update (This better be the last one) :)
Wow I thought I looked tired in last weeks pic....

*How far along?: 40 weeks

*How big is baby?: Im thinking high 7's.....maybe a solid 8??

*Weight Gain: 43 lbs total...holding steady

*Sex: Sweet Baby Boy!

*Maternity clothes: Packing them up this weekend and living in Josh's clothes! :)

*Stretch marks: Still have a few under my belly near my appendix scar...already started the mederma lotion :)

*Sleep: Pretty good...waking up 3-4 times a night to pee but always go back to sleep

*Symptoms: My hips have been more sore this week and I think he is pressing on my sciatic nerve again. Oh yeah and my feet, ankles, calves are still HUGE

*Movement: Yes but its a lot slower.

*Food cravings: Nothing this week

*Labor signs: 3cm and 70% effaced, Had some more spotting but not sure if its from the exam or means things are moving along

*Belly button in or out: Out...and it looks wrong.

*What I miss: Being able to sit up, taking a deep breath, walking normal, sleeping on my back, sleeping through the nite, not peeing every 5 minutes, my ankles! I think you get the idea ;)

*What I'm looking forward to: Having a baby VERY soon!!

*Best moment of the week: Making more progress!

Friday, October 1, 2010

39 Weeks.....

"My son will come out-------- tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow..."

Haha, I totally stole that from something I saw online! I have been singing it all week, even though it hasnt come true yet!

We are OH SO CLOSE! I just keep telling myself it will be 1 more week, just to save my sanity! Sitting around thinking it could literally be any minute is enough to drive anyone  a little nuts.
As much as I want baby Brett to be here NOW....I am glad we made it to October. I really did want an October baby, and I have said from the beginning how cool it would be for his birthday to be 10-10-10. SO, Im just planning on one more week. Compared to 39, one more is nothing!

My best friend came home this week from a year doing mission in Romania! I get to see her tonight and cannot wait! She is only here until Sunday and then gone again  until November. It would be nice for to be here when Brett makes his arrival but, I won't plan on that ;)
Im thinking I will get a pumpkin this weekend...since its October!!! Im sure I will take Brett to the pumpkin patch to get some cute fall pics later this month. 
I also think I  might get one last preggo massage Saturday. I read that it can help you relax enough to go into labor, and if not it will still feel nice! :)

 I look soo tired! But I dont think I look any bigger...maybe its the black :)

*How far along?: 39 weeks

*How big is baby?:  Dr said still around 7.5. She said I have a lot of fluid and he isn't really huge, which was nice to hear! I'm still guessing he will be a solid 8 lbs if we go into next week.

*Weight Gain: 43 lbs total...I gained  back the lost pound PLUS one :( Oh well, Ill be losing them all soon enough!!

*Sex: Sweet Baby Boy!

*Maternity clothes:Hate them. I had to go buy a new pair of jeans last night because NOTHING fits anymore! I hated buying something I might wear once or twice over the next week, but I cant go naked!

*Stretch marks: I have a few faint ones next to my appendix scar that showed up since he dropped...hoping they are low enough to be hidden under a swim suit :)

*Sleep:I have been lucky, until last night...I think the insomnia has arrived. I was awake from 2:30-5 this morning for no reason, and then again at 6:30. I guess my body is just getting ready.

*Symptoms: Puffy all over....and tired

*Movement: Yes but its a lot slower. I think he can still pivot from side to side. He loves to stretch his little legs allllll the way around until he finds my kidney. Nice.

*Food cravings: Loving apple juice again

*Labor signs: Still 1 cm and 70% effaced on Wednesday. Lots of backaches and cramps.....

*Belly button in or out: Out...and it looks wrong.

*What I miss: Being able to sit up, taking a deep breath, walking normal, sleeping on my back, sleeping through the nite, not peeing every 5 minutes, my ankles! I think you get the idea ;)

*What I'm looking forward to: Having a baby VERY soon!!

*Best moment of the week: Nothing too exciting.....