Wednesday, March 24, 2010

11 weeks!

Wow I cant believe I am almost done with the 1st Trimester! It has gone so fast and its scary to think that in just 6 months we will have a little baby! We moved this weekend (more on that and pictures later) and I did not get a chance to take a belly pic. I dont think it has really changed much though. Here is what has happend this week!

*How far along?: 11 weeks 5 days
*Total weight gain?: 8 lbs! Yikes! But it really is all in my belly...well and boobs...
*How big is baby?: The size of a lime
*Sex:  not sure yet but Im hoping to get a little idea at our u/s tomorrow :)
*Maternity clothes: I really love my maternity pants for work! They feel like yoga pants! I have not gotten any jeans yet and really need to! I just cant seem to make my old jeans comfortable- even with the bella band
*Stretch marks: NO! I woke up the other morning and thought I had one on my boob....well after a panic I realized it was just a mark from the sheets! Silly me!
*Sleep:Really good now that we moved...I was a little anxious the few days  before but sleeping great now!
*Movement:Not yet, but Im always waiting for it.
*Food cravings: Chef Boyardee Ravioli Love it for lunch!
*Labor signs: N/A
*Belly button in or out: Still in.
*What I miss: Shopping for bathing suits...all the new ones seem extra cute this year since I know I won't be sporting a teeny bikini..well at least not until my bump is cuter!
*What I'm looking forward to: Our next ultrasound tomorrow! cant wait to see what Baby B looks like now!
Best moment of the week: The janitor at work asked if I was pregnant. Lucky for him I am!

We pretty much got all moved in this past weekend and now I am just skowly getting organized and finding neat ways to decorate! I will post some pics soon of where we are so far. Our rug will be here today and the couch not for 3 weeks. The house still seems empty but I will fill it up!

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