Sunday, June 27, 2010

25 Weeks!

(This was after being outside in the heat all day at my niece's Bday- excuse the exhausted look) :)

Well, Im over the 6 month mark! Our last Dr. appointment was all about registering for the hospital, completing our "Birth Plan" and signing up for the child birth education class at out Dr. office. Needless to say this is all starting to feel very REAL! 

I actually met with one of the mid-wives this time and LOVED her! I had been seeing only Dr.'s, but after meeting and talking with a midwife, I think I might decide to go with them. They have a lower C-section average AND a lower episiotomy (sp?) average- which I like! I don't want to be sliced unless absolutely necessary! I also like the more personal experience and the mid-wives are just so down to earth and really care about you! And, if anything should happen, there is a doc on call at all times! :)

I was out running errands this week and came across this cute little outfit!

I texted the picture to  josh and he replied "Get it!!" So I did :) My husband is a HUGE football fan and is already planning for baby Brett to be his little mascot. Josh purchased a UGA onesie before we even knew if we were having a boy or girl! He has also already planned to buy him a mini- dirt bike when he turns 3! I really have no say in this matter :(

Anyways here is my update!

*How far along?: 25 weeks!

*Total weight gain?: +.5  this week

  *How big is baby?: 13 inches long and over 1.5 lbs!

*Sex: Sweet Baby Boy!

*Maternity clothes: Yup- I actually have out grown the first pair of maternity shorts I got!

They do not have an elastic band, just buttons to let out...and there are no more buttons haha! Its crazy because these were too big for me when I first bought them! I do love them though...maybe Ill use the rubber band trick on them :)

*Stretch marks: Nope...still basting 2-3 times a day and crossing my fingers!

*Sleep: Sill OK...getting harder to roll over

*Movement: Tons of it this week! He was showing off for everyone who wanted to feel this weekend! I actually felt a very distinctive foot hit my fingers it was co cool!

*Food cravings: Still loving ice cream :)

*Labor signs: Nope..but he was head down at 20 wks so lets hope he is still there!
*Belly button in or out: Kind of flat, but still an innie...I don't think it will "pop out" but I do have 3 months to go!

*What I miss:  Beer :)
*What I'm looking forward to: Ordering the crib and bedding getting finished. Here is the crib we picked!

I love that it turns into a toddler bed and a real bed! Hopefully he can use this for a LONG time!

Best moment of the week: Feeling him move all the time!

Funny story: An old man came up to me while I was waiting for Josh at Panera for lunch. He POKED my belly and said "You oughta shoot the guy who did that to you!"  I was so shocked that he POKED me I was speechless!! He was trying to be funny but still! I kind of expected strange women to touch my belly (not that I approve) but a strange MAN! Some people!

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