Tuesday, July 6, 2010

26 Weeks..a little late

This is the only pic I have this week...I prefer to be on the other side of the camera lately and didn't get any of myself this 4th of July!

Notice the darker hair? I got tired of the highlights and went back to my roots! :)

We had a GREAT weekend! We rented a house at the lake with 18 of our friends!  It was so much fun. We got a TON of food at Costco for the weekend and ate like Kings and Queens! The weather couldn't have been nicer....high's in the 80s with almost NO humidity! We spent our days floating in the lake and tubing (not me) on the boat. Unfortunately the boat is off limits for me at this point...well unless we are going for a nice evening cruise, which we were not! :)

We even had our own professional fire works show! (Well maybe not professional but better than most amateurs on the 4th!) Saturday morning, some of the guys went to SC to get some "real" fireworks! They put on a great show and everyone near our house enjoyed it as well!

Somehow I managed to get plenty of rest over the weekend, despite being in a house with 17 people staying up late and "celebrating" America's Birthday! Thank goodness for ear plugs! :)

Week 26 update!

*How far along?: 26 weeks! Last week in the 2nd Trimester!

*Total weight gain?: -.5  this week! How I have no clue!

  *How big is baby?: 15 inches long and 2 lbs!

*Sex: Sweet Baby Boy!

*Maternity clothes: Yes- I am so ready for regular clothes!

*Stretch marks: I think I have  very small one below my underwear line...but thats ok! So far everything else is nice and smooth :)

*Sleep: Sill pretty good...I wake up when I roll over and I have to keep  a pillow under my belly to support my back

*Movement:All the time! Josh found his foot or leg and was pushing it and he was going crazy! His moving kinda hurts sometimes!

*Food cravings: Still loving ice cream :)

*Labor signs: Nope...but I have been feeling "achy" in my Uterus...I guess its stretching again!
*Belly button in or out: Kind of flat, but still an innie...I don't think it will "pop out" but I do have 3 months to go!

*What I miss:  Cute clothes...I really want to be able to wear a romper..I love those! I hope they are in next summer :)
*What I'm looking forward to: Painting the nursery this weekend and the bedding arriving! Hopefully soon!

*Best moment of the week: Ordering the crib!

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  1. A pregnant romper would definitely be a bad decision! Good call!