Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Life Lately

Hello! Well things are starting to get in a nice little routine around here! Last night Brett slept from 10-3 and then until 6! I woke up at 2 wondering why he had not gotten up to eat and went to make sure he was still breathing! haha! We started putting him in his own room last week....he is such a loud sleeper (grunting and snorting) so the Dr. said it was time. I was a little sad at first but now that we are all sleeping better Im happy!
Brett had his 1 month check up and he now weighs 12lbs 2 oz! That is the 91% for weight! (He likes to eat) He was 22 1/2 in long which is 72% for height! I kinda thought I was feeding him too much since he gained 4 lbs since birth, but he was just hungry....he doesnt eat nearly as much now- going about 3-4 hours between feedings.

I am starting to feel myself again too! I actually feel like I can be productive during the day and actually curled my hair yesterday...just to go grocery shopping haha! I am still losing weight and just started p90x yesterday...and I can barely walk! I still have about 15 lbs to go but my belly is pretty much all gone down....its just still soft... but not for long! :) And Im pretty sure Im carrying around an extra 5 lbs of boob! These things could challenge Pam Anderson any day! (And Im not happy about that)

Our Thanksgiving was great...we had the family over to our house so we didnt have to pack up an entire car load of baby stuff to go away for the day. Josh smoked the turkey and everyone brought over all the fixins! I put Brett in a cute little sweater....but Josh said it looked like something an old man would wear! What do you think?? I think he was precious!

 Laughing a Daddy!

  Josh carried him around in this while getting the turkey ready!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too! I actually already put up my Christmas decorations and its not even December yet! I told you I was learning to be productive! :)

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