Tuesday, March 22, 2011

5 Months!

Well my baby boy is 5 months old! I cant believe it...where has the time gone. He is really starting to look more like a little boy than a baby!

Brett is already such a BOY! He is busy, busy, busy, ALL THE TIME! He is constantly reaching for stuff, pulling my hair, smacking my face, or punching something. He can sit up all by himself and  gets really excited when he is sitting up- the kid has some serious lungs!  He can bear all his weight on his legs, and can even stand up holding onto something! As strong as he is though, he still doesnt roll tummy to back yet.....well he has once but we dont put him on his tummy that much so thats probably why :/

He eats 3-4 tbsp of oatmeal cereal every night and a fruit or veggie. He LOVES bananas, sweet potatoes and apples. We tried peas tonight for the first time and he threw up...literally! He really hated them...so we had sweet potatoes instead :)

Brett cut 2 teeth the week of his 4 month appointment, I know right? That is so early! He still loves chewing on everything so Im wondering if he has more coming soon?? I am still breastfeeding and have yet to be bitten :) Hopefully we can keep going wihtout incident!

Sleep is OK....on good nights Brett sleep 7:30-4 and other nights he wakes up at 2 and 6ish....and then slwwps til 7:30. Im still able to function and can't bear to let him cry so its working for us.

Brett is just so much fun and I love him more every day! Here are his 5 month pics and some others of what he has been up to!

WARNING: Picture over load!

Snoozing on Daddy

Learning to love his sister, Kali dog
 Sitting up so well!
 Crazy hair!
 I discovered my feet!

Are we done yet, Mom???
Standing up!
Playing with my toys!
Loving bathtime!


  1. These pictures remind me so much of Brooks! He is also ALL BOY! No more baby! haha! He won't even let me hold him to feed him anymore :( He is a very busy boy as well! Brett is so adorable! Isn't this stage so fun?? We have the best time together and I will really miss this stage. Oh, what is that bath mat thing you have? I need something like that! I still have the infant tub :/

  2. Oh my Sarah, he is SO cute!!!! This makes me want time to fly so that I can hurry up and meet our little on in October! He is SO cute!

  3. Sarah, he is so adorable!! He is looking so old now sitting up by himself! I think another playdate is in order! He sounds like he's on the same sleep schedule as Ms. Blakely....I'll be thinking of you when we're up at 4am :)