Friday, January 15, 2010

Robber on the Loose!

The part of town that we live in (and where we are building a house) is a growing area and can sometimes be called "transitional". By this I mean it is perfectly safe to walk you dog or take the kids to the park down the street, but if you walk TOO far down the block or around the corner, you may still see some sketchy people/places. What happened last night is an example of this "transitional" definition.

I arrived home from work and was getting ready to teach my nieces their piano/voice lessons when my sister-in-law mentioned something the neighbor had just seen. Our neighbor was walking her dog around the block when she saw a man hiding in someone's yard. When the man saw her, he ducked down, obviously NOT wanting to be seen. As she continued to walk her dog, an unmarked police car stopped and asked her if she had seen a black man in a blue sweatshirt and she said "Yes!" He was over there!"

WELL, this man had allegedly just robbed a bank down the road and had gotten AWAY! Apparently there were 2 men (one of which brought his 3-year old daighter WITH him on this little adventure) and one got away! The evening continued with helicopters and police cars surrounding our area trying to find this escaped convict! Being the paranoid person I am (and my mother's daughter) I locked all the doors and told my husband that it was probably not a good idea to grill outside! :) Not that this man could be dumb enough to rob someone else but you can never be too sure!

Anyways, I do not know if they caught this man yet, but I sure hope they did! I will definitley be keeping the doors locked and the alarm set until I know for sure!

Here is the link to the story:

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