Friday, October 8, 2010

40 Weeks...I made it!

Well, I really never thought I would make it to my due date! Not that I didnt want to, but everyone has made me believe that I would go early from the very beginning. Umm yeah- thanks for all that.....:/ But its ok! I know that our baby is that much healthier because he is FULLY cooked. :) 
Now that I have reached the day that has been marked in my calendar since January, Im soo anxious! I am now hoping for a birthday of 10-10-10....I said that all along not realzing how much I did NOT want to be late, but if he is going to make we wait, I hope he comes on the 1oth. I always said he would be a perfect score baby if he was born 10-10-10! (I'm sure he will perfect anyways)
Im going to TRY to relax this weekend and make some kind of plans so I am not sitting around the house waiting for something to happen.....I cant stand thinking about it!
I have been praying for patience ALL week and while I do feel a little better about not having him yet, I still cant stop thinking about it...but is that even possible????

Update (This better be the last one) :)
Wow I thought I looked tired in last weeks pic....

*How far along?: 40 weeks

*How big is baby?: Im thinking high 7's.....maybe a solid 8??

*Weight Gain: 43 lbs total...holding steady

*Sex: Sweet Baby Boy!

*Maternity clothes: Packing them up this weekend and living in Josh's clothes! :)

*Stretch marks: Still have a few under my belly near my appendix scar...already started the mederma lotion :)

*Sleep: Pretty good...waking up 3-4 times a night to pee but always go back to sleep

*Symptoms: My hips have been more sore this week and I think he is pressing on my sciatic nerve again. Oh yeah and my feet, ankles, calves are still HUGE

*Movement: Yes but its a lot slower.

*Food cravings: Nothing this week

*Labor signs: 3cm and 70% effaced, Had some more spotting but not sure if its from the exam or means things are moving along

*Belly button in or out: Out...and it looks wrong.

*What I miss: Being able to sit up, taking a deep breath, walking normal, sleeping on my back, sleeping through the nite, not peeing every 5 minutes, my ankles! I think you get the idea ;)

*What I'm looking forward to: Having a baby VERY soon!!

*Best moment of the week: Making more progress!

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  1. I would keep the maternity jeans out because they are more comfortable to wear afterward. Really can't believe he is still hanging around. Give him his eviction notice!!!