Friday, October 1, 2010

39 Weeks.....

"My son will come out-------- tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow..."

Haha, I totally stole that from something I saw online! I have been singing it all week, even though it hasnt come true yet!

We are OH SO CLOSE! I just keep telling myself it will be 1 more week, just to save my sanity! Sitting around thinking it could literally be any minute is enough to drive anyone  a little nuts.
As much as I want baby Brett to be here NOW....I am glad we made it to October. I really did want an October baby, and I have said from the beginning how cool it would be for his birthday to be 10-10-10. SO, Im just planning on one more week. Compared to 39, one more is nothing!

My best friend came home this week from a year doing mission in Romania! I get to see her tonight and cannot wait! She is only here until Sunday and then gone again  until November. It would be nice for to be here when Brett makes his arrival but, I won't plan on that ;)
Im thinking I will get a pumpkin this weekend...since its October!!! Im sure I will take Brett to the pumpkin patch to get some cute fall pics later this month. 
I also think I  might get one last preggo massage Saturday. I read that it can help you relax enough to go into labor, and if not it will still feel nice! :)

 I look soo tired! But I dont think I look any bigger...maybe its the black :)

*How far along?: 39 weeks

*How big is baby?:  Dr said still around 7.5. She said I have a lot of fluid and he isn't really huge, which was nice to hear! I'm still guessing he will be a solid 8 lbs if we go into next week.

*Weight Gain: 43 lbs total...I gained  back the lost pound PLUS one :( Oh well, Ill be losing them all soon enough!!

*Sex: Sweet Baby Boy!

*Maternity clothes:Hate them. I had to go buy a new pair of jeans last night because NOTHING fits anymore! I hated buying something I might wear once or twice over the next week, but I cant go naked!

*Stretch marks: I have a few faint ones next to my appendix scar that showed up since he dropped...hoping they are low enough to be hidden under a swim suit :)

*Sleep:I have been lucky, until last night...I think the insomnia has arrived. I was awake from 2:30-5 this morning for no reason, and then again at 6:30. I guess my body is just getting ready.

*Symptoms: Puffy all over....and tired

*Movement: Yes but its a lot slower. I think he can still pivot from side to side. He loves to stretch his little legs allllll the way around until he finds my kidney. Nice.

*Food cravings: Loving apple juice again

*Labor signs: Still 1 cm and 70% effaced on Wednesday. Lots of backaches and cramps.....

*Belly button in or out: Out...and it looks wrong.

*What I miss: Being able to sit up, taking a deep breath, walking normal, sleeping on my back, sleeping through the nite, not peeing every 5 minutes, my ankles! I think you get the idea ;)

*What I'm looking forward to: Having a baby VERY soon!!

*Best moment of the week: Nothing too exciting.....


  1. Girl you have got to be soooo ready for him! I cant wait to "meet" him! :-) Praying for you!

  2. I looooove Apple Juice too, can't get enough of it!! Also, 10/10/10 would be a great Birthday. I have though about that too, but personally for me I hope to not have to wait for 9 more days, LOL. It would be great for you though! ;)

  3. I am officially giving Brett his eviction notice!!!

  4. It's almost here sweetie. You look beautiful at this stage. I love your blogs. Why not keep them up after Brett is here (ha ha). Love you!