Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hidden Treasures

So I have recently discovered consignment stores! Let me just say these are AMAZING! Especially when you have a baby who grows out of things in a matter of weeks.

I have already boxed up newborn, 0-3 month and even some 3-6 month clothing! (and B is not even 4 months old yet!) At this point I think, having another boy would be very convenient financially :) But I don't want to even think about being pregnant again for at least another 2 years!

Anyways, back to consignment stores. Last week I stopped in a store called Kid to Kid in Duluth. I really love this one. They buy gently used clothes from people so they are all in really good shape. (Kind of like Platos Closet for kids!) I bought Brett a cute sun hat, a bathing suit, a plaid dress shirt, a little jumper, and a toy all for 21 bucks! The brands are all really nice too- old navy, gymboree etc.

They also have toys, strollers, car seats, and much more! I recently purchased a jumper for Brett at Toys R Us for $100.....well they have the same jumpers in very good condition, for $35!!! I was kind of sick when I saw this, but now I will check with the consignment stores before purchasing anything full price again.

The next day my consignment store buying continued! I met MrsSouthernBelle and her sweet little boy for lunch. After we ate, we hit up another consignment store near by. I really racked up at this one! All of the items there are donated and the proceeds go to the crises center next door for unplanned pregnancies. WELL, I again only spent $2o but this time I got 8 things! I got 4 pairs of plaid shorts (that look just like daddys!) some more cute jumpers, and some short sleeved polo shirts! Brett definitely has a great start for summer!

Hopefully all  of my finds will fit him when it gets warm.....he is growing so fast! But at least I know I didnt spend very much. :)

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