Friday, January 28, 2011

This time last year.......

I got pregnant! Ill never forget the day we found out. It was Sunday January 29, 2010 and it was the first month we were "trying". I knew it might take a few months but I was still hoping it would take the first time...and sure enough it did!

That whole week I knew something was off. I kept having rediculous hot flashes and I also had a few dizzy spells. I actually took 2 tests that week that were negative but it was just too early to test (I tend to be a little anxious ). That Saturday I bought 2 of the "cheap" tests with the plus or minus signs. Well, there was a VERY faint plus sign, but Josh claims he didnt see it... (men, haha)

So, the next day, Sunday, we had our tennis match. I played earlier than Josh and when I finished I left to go home. I stopped on the way to buy yet another test. I knew it was the right time to test and wanted to be sure so I bought the digital test so there would be no question. I hurried home and took the test. 3 minutes is an eternity when you are waiting on such a HUGE result...something that will change your life! I remeber thinking while waiting that it was probably negative and not to get my hopes up since I had seen so many negative tests already this week and knew it was rare to get preggo on your first try. WELL, when I looked down, the screen said PREGNANT! I let out a litle scream and jumped up and down. I knew Josh was on his way home so I quickly showered and sat on the couch waiting for him to come home.

As soon as he walked in the door I ran over to him and held up the test. At first he didnt know what it was, but when he read it, he was shocked (even though we had a faint test the day before). He really didnt think it would happen this fast but he was so excited. We immediately went to each of our parents houses to share the news!  

I cant believe that was one year ago! And know we have the most beautiful, perfect baby boy! We love him SO very much!

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