Sunday, May 23, 2010

Half Way There!!!

This is what my belly looked like at 10 weeks! Big change!

20 WEEKS! I cant believe we are half through already! I have been lucky and had a really easy pregnancy so far! Although..I have been getting sciatic nerve pain on my left side this week! :( And there is nothing that can be done! But, the Dr. said that as the baby gets bigger and grows out of the pelvis, the pressure will let up. Floating in the pool is very helpful though!

We had our 20 week appt on Thursday and Baby B is looking perfect!  We saw all his organs and arms, legs, hands and feet! He was quite the wiggle worm and the u/s tech had to really try hard to get his profile picture....but she got it! And OMG he looks like his daddy! I keep staring at the picture thinking about getting to meet him soon!

*How far along?: 20 weeks 

*Total weight gain?: Up 1 pound this week...and none from the week before

*How big is baby?: 10 inches long and weighing about 10 oz (a little more than 1/2 lb) The size of a banana

*Maternity clothes:Yup all pants and shorts and some shirts. I am able to wear some normal skirts like the one in the 20 week pic.

*Stretch marks: Nope. I am using the Oil at night and Coco butter throughout the day!

*Sleep: Great!

*Movement: Yes! I have started feeling "kicks" now! Still some fluttering but he gets a good kick in there every now and then too!

*Food cravings: Ice cream/yogurt/smoothies anything cold and creamy!

*Labor signs: Nope

*Belly button in or out: Still in, but shallow and funny looking.

*What I miss: My energy has slowed a bit.....I get more tired working out now, but still do it! :)

*What I'm looking forward to: Maybe doing a 3D U/S in a few months?
Best moment of the week: Our 20 week appt and knowing that everything is perfect with the baby!

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  1. Congrats Sarah!!! You are going to be such a wonderful mom!!! I love reading your posts!!!! and the house is beautiful!
    Katie Grigsby