Wednesday, May 19, 2010


 This was taken at 19weeks. I know I look huge but I swear its the dress! haha!

 Since I skipped the 19 week survey, I thought I would do this fun survey instead!

About the mommy:
Name: Sarah
Age: 26 now, 27 when Baby B is due!
Is this your first child?: Yes

-About the daddy:
Name: Josh
Age: 27
Is this his first child?: It better be! Haha yes it is!

-Finding out:
What day did you find out you were pregnant?: Sunday, January 31, 2010
How did you feel when you found out?: Shocked! Thrilled! Soooo happy!
Who was with you?: No one! Josh was on his way home and I had to sit there alone for 20 minutes!! Very Hard!
How did the daddy react?: He was shocked too! He said "No way!" But then he had a HUGE smile!

-Telling the grandparents:
How did your family react?: They were shocked and SOOOO excited!!!
How did his parents react?: His mom screamed and the cried! She was happy!
How often do they call to check on you?: ALL the time at first...but not as much now. My mom more than his. She calls to ask "Any movement today?" Haha

-About the pregnancy:
When is your due date?: October 8, 2010
How far along are you right now?: 19 weeks and 6 days
Have you had an ultra sound?: Actually we have had 5! Including the special place to see the sex. We had 2 at my GYN to confirm pregnancy, 1 in Colorado because of a scare,  1  at the OB at 12 weeks and the gender place at 16 weeks! AND we have the 20 week scan today!!
Have you heard the heartbeat?: Yes, I love it every time!

-Sex of the baby:
What do you want. Boy or Girl?: I would be happy with either.
Do you know what you are having now?: BOY!!!!!
Are you happy with what you are having?: Of course! Josh has g nieces and only 1 nephew so we need some more boys!!!

-About the birth:
Who is going to be with you?:  Josh and the doc
Are you going to video tape it?: Well, maybe the after part but not during.
Natural or medicated?: Give me the drugs!! Haha I do want to go as long as I can without them though!
Do you think you will have a c-section?: I hope not, I really want to be able to do it myself.
Do you think you will cry when you first hold your baby?:Oh yeah! I cry when I see the ultrasound!
Do you know what you will say to the baby when you first hold it?: Something like "Hi baby!" and of course "I love you"!
Are you scared about the labor?: Kind of...but every women goes through it and survives! :)

Do you have a name picked out?: Yup! Joshua BRETT Bonner Jr. (I hate Jr but I guess thats the way it has to be!) We will call him Brett. Josh thinks Brett Bonner is a good sports name and I do too!
Is your baby going to be named after anyone?: His Daddy! :)
Did the daddy help pick the name?: Oh yes, its his name!

-Other random questions:
Where was your baby conceived?: At home...
Have you felt the baby move?: Yes, and I love it! I felt the first "kick" yesterday!
What was your first symptom?: I was so bloated and HOT!!! And the night before I found out I had to pee TWICE in the middle of the night! Big red flag for me!
Will you have godparents?:Dont think so...but maybe honorary ones for our Catholic friends! :)
What is the babys room theme?: Not sure yet..I do love puppies though!
Are you ready to be a mommy?: I think so! Ready or not Im going to be one!
What do you think the baby will be a "daddys girl/boy" or a "mommys girl/boy"?: Probably a Mama's boy! :)

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  1. Sarah - thank you for posting this. I enjoy reading it so much. I'll never forget the night you and Joshie came over to tell us. It was one of the most exciting nights of my life and I'll NEVER EVER forget it. You two are going to be great parents. This child is blessed. He will have more love than he can probably handle!!! But no one in the world has too much love. God bless you and Josh and Brett!!!