Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Our First Family Christmas

This was my best Christmas ever! Not because of the presents or the food, but because we are a FAMILY! And this was the first time I really felt like a family. I was determined to get a family picture and we did! Brett was looking right at the camera and we only had to take it once!
I got Brett this cute little santa outfit the day before!

 No my child was not riding in the front seat of the car....I just sat him there for a second! :)

Brett is lucky and has LOTS of cousins that love him!
 I have never seen a kid, let alone a boy, be SO good with a baby! :) Griffin and Brett are the only 2 grandsons in the family...the other 6 grandchildren are GIRLS!
 Brett also received his first pair of Nike's!

 Brett and Daddy got matching shirts for Christmas!
Its kinda like Where's Waldo haha! Can you find baby Brett???

 Uncle Davey and Brett!

I hope you and yours had a Merry Christmas too! Now I can't wait for next Christmas when Brett will actually be able to get toys and open presents himself!

We are leaving tomorrow for the mountains with friends and it will be Brett's first car trip!! Pray for us haha! Although he is an amazingly good baby he doesn't like be trapped in his car seat very long so I will be sitting with him to keep him entertained! :)
Happy New Year!


  1. Sarah - this post is precious. Yes we did have a wonderful Christmas. One that I know I'll never forget. Our family is very special, and very blessed.