Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy New Year...a little late

Well we ahd a great New Years! We took Brett on his first car ride (4.5 hours) and he was amazing! He slept pretty much the whole way, and then the last hour Josh got in the back with him to "play"while I drove. We were worried he wouldn't sleep that night since he slept so much in the car.

We took our time getting there stopping to feed Brett and then again for lunch so we could take him out of his seat for a little bit.

We went to Boone, NC where a friend of ours has a cabin. We were thrilled to see tons of snow left over from the Christmas snow the week before!
Isnt this beautiful!

This creek runs through the front yard.

I got Brett all bundled up! He looked like a blue lobster! :)

He even took his 1st 4 wheeler ride! (JUST KIDDING!!!)

Brett got dressed up forNew Years...but was in bed LONG before midnight! :)

The trip was awesome, but there was one down side......

Apparently my 4 wheel drive doesnt work in the snow! oops! ;)
(Josh was not very happy with me)

The boys spent an hour trying to get it out...and finally did later that day when some of the snow melted some more......Sorry honey....I guess thats what we girls get for wanting to go shopping! :)

I hope everyone had a great New Years too! We were so blessed in 2010 and are so thnakful for all we have! Here is a quick photo recap of our awesome 2010!

January- We're pregnant!

February- Skiing (Very carefully!)

March- built a house

April- Its a BOY!

May- Mom turns 50 and Grandad turns 75!

June- Getting bigger

September- My Bday and still growing!

October 16, 2010 Joshua Brett Bonner, II was born! The best day of my life!

Halloween! My little caterpillar!

November- Thanksgiving at our house!

December- Baby Jesus and our first Christmas as a family!

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