Monday, January 17, 2011

3 Months!

Wow the time is really flying by! Brett is now 3 months old and sooo much fun! Josh and I are enjoying every minute. I am still home with him since I decided to leave my job and find something closer to home. I was excited to get to spend more time at home and not have to rush back to work. I have a few possibilities lined up so I might find a job sooner than expected. This is a good thing, but I was kind of hoping to be home for 2 more months but oh well. My mom is going to be keeping him for us and if I get a job close by I can go see him on my lunch break! :)

I can honestly say I feel comfortable going back to work now. We have Brett all figured out, and he is sleeping pretty good. Here is what he has been up to:

Sleep: He sleeps from 8pm-8am waking once or twice to eat either at 2 or 3am then 5 or 6. He only takes short naps 30-45 minutes and he is up again.....but he is always happy! :) 
Clothes- 3-6 month clothes fit him perfectly. He has a long body so some of his 3 month onesies are too tight, but 3 month pants are a little long and still lose in the waist. His feet outgrow his footy PJs before anything!
Weight- According to our scale he weighs 16lbs! But the kid is solid as a rock! He has only a little chunk on him and he is still only breastfed. I can actually see his little ab muscles when he stretches haha!
Height- I think he is around 25 inches long
Eating-Brett eats 5-6 oz of breastmilk every 3 hours and he can go about 6 hours at night.
Milestones-He is grabbing things so well! He has started to put everything in his mouth. He can bear all his weight on his legs when we stand him up. He talks ALL the time and sometimes sounds like he is yelling. He really loves to hear his voice. He smiles all the time, even when he is upset we can get him to smile.
Loves-His Jumper, watching Tom & Jerry, bath time, Mr. Bear (See picture below), Sitting in his bumbo, standing up
Hates- Tummy time, being held for a long time, other than that he's pretty happy!

Here is the photo shoot! There are a lot! :)
Bright flash! :)
Talking away!
Kali still doesnt know what to think. :/
Getting better at lifting his head!
Just started to notice his feet!

Here is a video I took of Brett talking! He always stops as soon as the camera is on so I was excited to get this one!

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  1. Great photos of him! Love those baby blues!