Thursday, June 30, 2011

8 Months!!

Wow! I am really getting lazy with blogging...Sorry! Its been so busy around here and we have all been sick for about a month. :( Oh the joys of having a baby in daycare! :\ It started with Brett getting a cold that turned into an ear infection...well a few days after he finished his antibiotics he had ANOTHER fever and a runny nose. So back to the Dr we went. ( I have now paid more in co-pays than my entire monthly premium!) The diagnosis: a DOUBLE ear infection! Poor baby...did I mention the week before he caught a stomach bug? Yup, and then I got it, my husband, brother in law, mother in law, niece, father in law and I think thats it...for now! That thing is rampant and very contagious! Well- since thats not bad enough, I then got a cold that lasted over a week and got antiobiotics and my husband also had a cod which resulted in an ear infection for HIM! Whew, Im exhausted typing it...thankfully we are all better now and back to normal!

Here is what my big boy has been up to:

*He weighs 21 lbs
*He still has 8 teeth 
*He wears 12 month clothes and size 3-4 diapers
*He can give kisses, wave bye bye, and points at everything
*He started feeding himself with his hands- he loves puffs!
*He loves to push anything and everything around on the floor
*He still loves to bang on stuff- including my face :)
*Loves going to the pool and splashing
*Can "throw" the ball the our dog
*Sleeps from 8-6 and then eats and goes back to sleep til 7:30 (FINALLY!!!)


 Hey you!

 Hi Mom!

He loves to play with cords :( 
Such a smart boy!


  1. He really is getting so big! And is absolutely adorable too :-)

  2. Sooooo Cute! Sorry for all the sickness, hopefully it will pass for everyone.