Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Where to begin.....

Wow, its been almost a month since I posted and so much has happened! Im trying to decide if I should get it all out in one post, or save the details for multiple posts......ok one at a time :)

SO, Brett finally got his first cold. :( We made it 7 1/2 whole months with out even a little sniffle and then.....Brett started school (aka daycare but I hate that word )  A few weeks ago I got a call from his school that Brett had a fever of 101. I ran to pick him up and we went straight to the Dr.....everything looked ok, just a cold :(

Well a week later- back to the Dr with a fever that was still lingering. We went for a quick beach trip to Charleston, SC and thought for sure that the salty sea air would kick what was left of the cold...NOPE. Tuesday morning he still had a fever- up to 103! Back to the Dr and thats when we heard that awful 2 words...Ear Infection! :( I was so sad for baby boy, but relieved we had a diagnoses and some yummy bubblegum medicine to go home with! 

 Happy on the beach!

This is how he stopped his runny nose /:
SO sick :(

WELL- because a cold turned ear infection isn't bad enough, Brett's Dr. has been hearing a heart murmur since he was born, and kept saying it was normal and should go away...well it never went away so after one of his sick visits, she recommended he go to the cardiologist just to be safe. Well we went to the heart Doc the morning we were leaving for the beach...expecting to go in and out and be told it was nothing. Well, it turns out Brett has a PDA- Patent Ductus Arteriosis:

Patent ductus arteriosus (PDA) is a congenital disorder in the heart wherein a neonate's ductus arteriosus fails to close after birth. Early symptoms are uncommon, but in the first year of life include increased work of breathing and poor weight gain. With age, the PDA may lead to congestive heart failure if left uncorrected.

Brett doesn't have any symptoms (except the murmur) and is perfectly healthy...but we still have to get this little opening closed. FORTUNATELY, it can be done through a vein in the leg and its an outpatient procedure. The Dr said we will wait until he is one to give it a chance to close on its own...but that is pretty unlikely. Luckily, this will have no afffect on his life at all and it will be as if it never happened!

SO, we are relieved to know its not too big of a deal...but it is still a big deal. At first I was thinking "what did my body do wrong when he was growing that this happened"? But I know its nothing I did or didn't do and its actually fairly common and a very routine fix.

SO, we go back to the Cardiologist in 3 months to see if the opening is closing...so say a little prayer, its possible! ;)

Later this week (or sometime soon) :
-False positives
-8 Month Pics
-Beach Re-cap

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